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Jack Trammell
Composer Producer
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Abstraction by Jack Trammell

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Bio: Jack Trammell

Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor, Divergent, Call of Duty, Looper, and Edge of Tomorrow all have one thing in common: Jack Trammell. Jack's unique music, a balance between aggressive, percussive sound design and dark electronic orchestration quickly launched him into the forefront of the movie trailer world.

A producer by trade, Jack's musical works are the perfect creative outlet to meld his unique production skills with sounds he envisions to be associated with space exploration and scientific advances in the not too distant future.

He is one of the most in-demand composers for high budget trailers and his music is enjoyed by millions around the world.


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Asassin's Creed
Featuring: Flux Hammer

Resident Evil The Final Chapter
Featuring: Deviant Gaze

Doctor Strange
Featuring: About To Break

Titan Fall 2
Featuring: Flux Hammer

So You Think You Can Dance
Featuring: Echelon

USS Indianapolis
Featuring: Air of Silence

The Accountant
Featuring: Flux Hammer

Featuring: Black Horizon

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Mutants in Manhattan
Featuring: Focus Your Rage

Divergent: Allegiant
Featuring: Uneasy Alliance

London has Fallen
Featuring: Compelled

Featuring: Anger and Disdain

No Escape
Featuring: Fatalist

The Last Witch Hunter
Featuring: Compelled

Mission Impossible 5
Featuring: Mission Impossible Theme

Everest Trailer
Featuring: Lust for Power, Anger and Disdain

Featuring: Burning Chrome

Edge of Tomorrow
Featuring: Calm before the Kill

Call of Duty Black Ops 3
Featuring: Fatalist

Transporter Refueled
Featuring: Fight for Freedom

Featuring: Test of Time

Seventh Son

Featuring: Convergence

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Featuring: Summon the Fearless

Guardians of the Galaxy
Featuring: Drawnonward

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Featuring: Compelled

Featuring: Selfless

Featuring: Fight for Freedom

Need for Speed
Featuring: Catastrophic

Captain America

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Need for Speed
Need for Speed



So You Think You Can Dance?

Percy Jackson




Pacific Rim TV Spot

Oblivion TV SpotFeaturing: Critical Mass

2013 Golden Trailer AwardsFeaturing: Critical Mass

UFCFeaturing: Crushing Blow

Jack The Giant SlayerFeaturing: Critical Mass, Stand and Become Legendary

X Factor USAFeaturing: Fight for Freedom, Critical Mass, Selfless

The Mortal Instruments

GI Joe 3D

Featuring: Critical Mass
Tomb Raider Reborn

Featuring: Echelon
American Idol
American Idol

Featuring: Fight for Freedom, Pillars of Creation and Selfless
Die Hard
25 Year Anniversary Blu-ray
Featuring: "Echelon"
Featuring: "Fight for Freedom"
Featuring: "Obsidian Butterfly"
Aliens: Colonial Marines
Featuring: "Legions of Menace"
Olympus Has Fallen
Theatrical Trailer
Featuring: "Critical Mass"
Superbowl Spot
Featuring: "Beyond Oblivion"
Tv Spots
Featuring: "Villainous Empire", "Stand and Become Legendary
Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2
Featuring: Critical Mass
Iron Man and Hulk
Featuring: Villainous Empire
TV Spot
Featuring: Headshot
Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter
Featuring: Reckoning
Americas Got Talent
Featuring: Fight For Freedom
Featuring: Dark Effect
Black Ops 2
Featuring: Critical Mass
Fox NFL SUnday
Fox NFL Sunday

Featuring: Sorrows of Men
Call of Duty Collection 4
Featuring: Head Shot, Fight for Freedom, Beyond Oblivion, Reckoning
Red or Black
Featuring: Tactical Dominance
Person of Interest
Featuring: Crushing Blow
Cloud Atlas
Featuring: The Reckoning
Last Resort
TV Spot
Featuring: Tactical Dominance
Dark Knight Rises
TV Spot
Featuring: Fight for Freedom
Resident Evil: Retribution
TV Spot
Featuring: "Sorrows of Men" and "Black Horizon"
TV Spot
Resident Evil: Retribution
TV Spot
Featuring: "Sorrows of Men" and "Black Horizon"
Alex Cross
Theatrical Trailer
Featuring: "Crushing Blow"
The Amazing Spiderman
Tv Spot 10
Featuring: "Behemoth"
Theatrical Trailer
Featuring: "Crushing Blow", "Fight for Freedom"
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
Tv Spots: 7,8,9, Blu-Ray Spot
Featuring: "Crushing Blow", "Behemoth", "Stand, and Become Legendary"
Total Recall 2012
Featuring: "Anti-Gravity(Custom)"
Total Recall 2012
Featuring: "Stand, and Become Legendary(Custom)"
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Redemption Trailer, Tv Spots Featuring: "Tactical Dominance", "Behemoth"
In Time
Tv Spot 1,2
Featuring: "Behemoth"
Underworld: Awakening
Tv Spot 5
Featuring: "Stand, and Become Legendary"
Journey 2
Tv Spot 6
Featuring: "Fight for Freedom"
Soul Calibur V
Launch Trailer
Featuring: "Fight for Freedom"
Act of Valor
Launch Trailer
Featuring: "Fight for Freedom"
Resistance Burning Skies
Launch Trailer
Featuring: "Tactical Dominance"
Call of Duty MW3 Elite
Featuring: "Stand, and Become Legendary, and "Sorrows of Men"
Additional Co-Writing credits:

Fox, So You Think You Can Dance - "Boom", Kaero
MTV, Real World: Las Vegas - "Drawn To You", Amberglance
Oxygen, Bad Girls Club - "Dance For Me", "Boom", Kaero
Barbie, Video Game - "Boom", Kaero
MTV, Real World D.C. - "When You Go", Early States
E!, Kim Kardashian Wedding - "Boom", Kaero
MTV, Real World San Diego - "Boom", Kaero

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